Put the Pride in Your Ride

     Picky, Picky!  That’s how we approach cleaning your vehicle. Every nook and cranny gets vacuumed first, including the trunk.  Next, all interior surfaces are cleaned and shined with professional cleaners that moisturize and lengthen the life of vinyls, plastics, and rubber.  The interior windows are done last, for the cleanest finish.  Finally, the exterior and tires are pressure washed to remove most dirt and debris; the vehicle is then hand washed with special vehicle soap;  next, a synthetic foam wax is applied and allowed to set; last, another pressure wash with ultra purified water.  The tires get a coat of protectant shine.  Now the car is clean and shiny.

Even with all that, there are still options for some vehicles: shampoo carpet floors and seats, leather cleaner and conditioner, fabric UV protector, chrome and metal polish, trim shine/protectant,

We also wash the side surfaces of Motor Homes and trucks, and treat the exterior with synthetic foam wax for a great shine.