How We Reduce Your Maintenance Time and Cost

When you call The Mobile Oil Changers, friendly operators help you select the best time for your service.  When you are going to be parked a while at the office or at the job site, they will come to you and take care of your vehicle Preventive Maintenance.

The Mobile Oil Changers can work early, late, and weekends - so you can have your vehicles stay on the job longer.

The amount of time it takes from you is the sum total of the phone call, providing the techs a car key, and receiving the key from the techs when your service is finished.

So you can subtract the packing and unpacking of your vehicle, subtract the drive to and from a shop or drive-through, subtract the time your workers lose sitting in the waiting room, subtract the extra time they spend in the waiting room for add-on services, subtract the arrangements you would have made for a ride to leave your car, and your total is . . . . . about 5 minutes of your own time.

On top of that - you can subtract the cost of paying your highly skilled employee to sit in a waiting room.  You can subtract the cost of income lost from jobs you could have completed.  You can subtract the cost of unplanned vehicle maintenance (avoidable breakdowns).   You can subtract the vehicle value lost in life expectancy.

If you like that math, you will surely appreciate this service.

Set it and Forget It

As if saving all that time and money wasn't enough, you have the option of utilizing our thorough Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Program.

  • Regularly Scheduled Top Offs and Inspections
  • Maintenance records set up and updated for all maintenance items
  • Maintenance service performed during off hours
  • Major maintenance services arranged and handled for you

3 Levels Available:

  • Level 1 - Self-manage
    • Instructions provided
    • Electronic forms provided
  • Level 2 - Set-up assistance
    • Instructions
    • Forms
      • Provided
      • Completed per manufacturer specifications
    • Status Board provided, set up
    • Vehicle and Key numbering system provided
    • File System provided
  • Level 3
    • Level 2 provided
    • Regular scheduled inspections provided for each vehicle
      • Check and top off fluids
      • Check and adjust tire pressure
      • Check and replace lights
      • Check mileage/date and advise maintenance due
        • Per manufacturer specifications
        • Update File System
      • Maintenance provided on site
        • Oil, lube, some maintenance items
        • Detail, wash
      • Off-site maintenance items arranged
        • Vehicle transported for you to off site location

Talk about simple!  This system works, almost anyone can be taught to do it, you save time and money, all the planning and budgeting is on your schedule - not someone unexpectedly telling you an upsell service is needed.

Call us to find out how we can customize this program to fit your needs exactly.